'The Corona Virus' decalogue


Let's have a look at few tips how to keep our physical and mental health!

The fear and mass hysteria is what this new virtual reality game is about. Fear doesn't allow people to evaluate clearly what it really is that we are dealing with.. 

So here are a few tips: love, relax, dance, sing, and sleep:-)

1. Meditate - to calm down, be present, stay centered, work with Pranic energy, and realise you are a light being full of beautiful energy, absolutely capable of self-healing.. if you can't meditate, just relax by doing something you enjoy doing:-)

2. Hug your children, hug your partners, wives, husbands, parents... - hugging stimulates the immune system - this virtual reality game aims at everyone to stay isolated, alone with his/her fear, feeling unsafe, and insecure.. Furthermore, the more people keep the inner light on, the stronger the network of light will be, and - believe me - it is so much more important now than ever before..

3. If you can't meditate, take long walks in the woods (at least 60 min). Walk at your own pace, be mindful of you breathing, enjoy the surroundings, let your mind observe the nature, relax, and just walk... as you walk, the two hemispheres get into balance, they harmonize, and as soon as they do, you find yourself in the alpha state of mind which allows for all the healing to happen... or dance!:-)

4. If you don't know how to work with your breath (proper conscious breathing into the diaphragm is the basis of good health and all the healing processes), don't worry - just sing! Singing makes us automatically try breathing deeper, besides it is very relaxing!

5. Get plenty of sleep.

6. Try avoiding all negative and stressful activities, people, and situations.

7. Use Astaxanthin - one of the strongest antioxidants we know as it is 6000x stronger than vitamin C, 500x more effective than vitamin E, 3000x more effective than Resveratrol, 800x more effective than coenzym Q10, 560x more effective than catechins contained in the green tea, and many more..

8. Use medical mushrooms - for example Reishi, Shii take, etc.

9. Use colloids.

10. Listen to this daily:



- - - - -

Remember, when you calm down, turn the surrounding noises off, tap into your inner flow, you will hear your inner voice, and find your inner light. The voice and light of your soul... They will guide you - as your inner voice can never be silenced, and your inner light can never be dimmed...